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TEMPERATURE RAMP CONTROL$2000Temperature Range: Low Temperature-40celsius degree; High Temperature150celsius degree.
TEMPERATURE RAMP TESTER$4532Quick or ramp rates control of temperature and humidity.
TEMPERATURE TEST CHAMBER$40000To determine the ability of the module to withstand thermal mismatch, fatigue and other s
TENSILE STRENGTH TESTER$67866Micro-computer tensile tester is applied to test the elongation, compression, flexing, tea
THE UNITED STATES 2D IMA$35432The measuring data can be directly output into Word, Excel & AutoCAD.
THERMAL SHOCK CHAMBER$2000Using touch-control graph control as operation interface, easy to operate.
THERMAL SHOCK TESTER$2000The system can be used for automatic Circulation Shock or manual selective shock.
THERMAL TESTING SERVICE$546464simple , reasonable air circulation system , temperature distribution.
TOOLS2350Welcome to Sydney Tools Sydney tools +61 29569 6133
TOOLS4535Elinksol - eCommerce Packages (M017854)
TOWER CRANE5500000Sales and rental services.Please contact 09227886647.
TRUMPET NOZZLE$10.00|[email protected]|86-0571-87812293-0|Hangzhou Jetline Fountai
TURKEY NDFEB ACCELERATED$4322Safety device for the pot: If the inner box is not closed , the machine can not start
USED SILENT DIESEL GENERLooking For: Engineering has been successfully providing power to various industries for the past five
UV AGING CHAMBER$50000Quality inspection
UV AGING TEST CHAMBER$40000UV Climate Resistant Aging Test Chamber simulates the sunlight damage on the material and
UV AGING TESTING MACHINE$negotiaall kinds of operating switch:start, stop , swing , carbon arc lamps
UV LAMP AGING TESTING57555light and condensation , spray can also be independently controlled alternating cycle cont
UV TEST CHAMBER$64454Temperature control: PID self-tuning temperature control mode
VACUUM OVEN$34533Power control with 30 segments programmable.
VENTILATOR-AGING TEST$2000You can visually observe through huge Tempered glass windows with lights anytime and clear
VIBRATION COMBINED TEST$70000temperature/humidity/vibration integrated test equipment
VIBRATION COMBINED TYPE$3422Vibration combined environmental test chamber

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