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SALT SPRAY TEST TESTER$2000Saturated bucket is SUS #304, convenient for heating and humidifying, offer humidity for t
SAND AND DUST MACHINE$456333the inside temperature protection to prevent uncontrolled temperature impact test
SCREENING STRESS CHAMBER$2000French Tecumseh is used as compressor, with environment friendly refrigeration R23,R404A
SERVO TENSILE TESTER$3422Drive by servo motor, stand-alone can sent testing speed directly.
SHOCK AND IMPACT TESTER$USD9000Mechanical Shock and Impact Tester is mainly used for small products for impact test.
SHOCK TEST MACHINE$45444upper and lower box-type structure conversion speed, shorter recovery time
SIMULATED TRANSPORTATION$5463Power: AC220V or according to the equipment specification.
SIMULATED VIBRATION TEST46543DC motor speed , smooth running, high load capacity
SINGAPORE RAPID THERMAL$4653Double-layer-insulated airtight doors, able to insulate the internal temperature effective
SINGAPORE TEST MACHINE$4452Compressor:French Tecumseh Brand, Germany Bizer Brand
SPAIN HASS CHAMBER$4323Rectangular double-paned viewing window for observation of sample under test,with interior
SPAIN MECHANICAL TESTER$3533Good vibration isolation performance, impact on the environment can control within the sco
SPLASH WATER TEST CHAMBE$565443spray any time to meet the standards set gap : This device complies with European standard
SUMBERSIBLE PUMP$10.00|[email protected]|86-0571-87812293-0|Hangzhou Jetline Fountai
SUPPLIER OF USED DIESEL Generators, Electrical Equipment & Supplies, Alternators, manufacturers, generator sales s
SYDNEY TOOLS Tools, Power Tools, Sydney Tools
SYDNEY TOOLS (M008661) E$599SYDNEY TOOLS (M008661) EOJ-July01
TEMP AND HUMI TEST CHAMB$65555the temperature deviation:less than about 2 degree.
TEMP BENCHTOP FOR SENSOR$4564French Tecumseh is used as compressor, with environment friendly refrigeration R23 or R404
TEMP HUMI SHAKER TESTER$2000Control Accuracy of temperature and humidity: about0.5celsius degree; about2.5% R.H.
TEMP HUMI VIBRATION TEST$2000Heat and air seal system, this vibration bench will also boasts remarkable effect of mecha
TEMPERATURE CHAMBER$40000It is used to test the quality of products
TEMPERATURE CHAMBER$80000Quality inspection
TEMPERATURE CYCLING TEST$100000temperature cycling test chamber is used to test the capability of material structure
TEMPERATURE FURNACE$50000Quality inspection

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